Sermon List

Abraham’s Tent and Altar

January 14, 2024

God revealed Himself to Abraham and continues to do so to offer salvation to the lost.

Jesus Christ lives out all His teaching, especially to love one’s enemies

Feasts of Israel

December 31, 2023

Israel’s 3 main feasts establish their spiritual calendar declaring personal salvation(spring), future church(summer), and global proclamation (fall)

The Manifestation of Christ

December 17, 2023

Jesus Christ came in the flesh and died on the cross to manifest the love of God as unto salvation and godly living.

“Is any among you sick?” What are we supposed to do when we are sick?

Rich Young Ruler

November 19, 2023

Greater Grace

October 15, 2023

Are we Hungering for Righteousness? Wives are you submitting to husbands without any fear? Husband are you destroying your family cause of inaction? Are we Stealing Glory from God

The Jew and the Christian are both save by faith, not works. God uses Israel as a physical example of spiritual truth.

God of Glory

October 1, 2023

God, alone is worthy of our worship. Salvation through grace and faith bring us into a right relationship with Him.

Storms of Life

September 24, 2023

God is a refuge and a strength. The lessons learned are more significant than the trouble