Sermon List

God’s Word teaches men how to be godly fathers.

Using New Testament to complement the Old Testament and vice versa, the focus was on the Lord Jesus allows things to fall apart (ie, religion, sometimes a job or sickness,…

The justification is attained as a gift because of the righteousness of Jesus Christ on the cross and accounted by faith.

Hell can’t change people, only faith in Christ transforms them.

Hell is a grievous place, but is the unbelievers destiny

The Rich Man represents the unsaved and their destined to Hell, the place of “eternal torment.”

There are 7 blessings of justification that apply to the believer’s past, present and future.

The Authority of Christ

April 28, 2024

Are we fully submitted to the authority of God in our lives?

The Word of God is everything we need for life and godliness

To escape the perils of the last days focus on the Word of God.